With thanks: One Lovely Blog Award

by Janie Jones

So, some weeks ago, I can’t believe how time has gotten away from me, Terry at terry1954 nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

As I understand it, in acceptance of the One Lovely Blog Award the recipient, besides giving credit to the person who nominated them, is to share 7 things about them self, and to nominate 15 other people.

Thank you Terry, very sincerely.  I don’t know you well, but I’ve visited your blog a few times, and I can tell that your Faith is very important to you.  I think, perhaps, these words from my favorite inspirational booklet might make some sense to you:

Some days we feel like strangers.  When our heart opens, we will realize that we belong just here.

-Buddha’s Little Instruction Book, by Jack Kornfield

You struck me immediately as a “Practice Random Acts of Kindness” kind of person.  Such acts of kindness are twofold blessings, once for the happiness they bring the giver, and once for the happiness they bring the recipient.  I wish you joy and all good things.  Thank you for thinking of me.

I have to admit however, that coming up with 15 meaningful nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award seems a bit overwhelming.  I really only follow 10-20 blogs anyway, so I might as well just nominate my whole blog roll.  You’d all deserve it, I wouldn’t follow you if I didn’t respect you and like what you had to say.  And, of those I follow, probably only about half know I follow them.  I live in a small blogosphere community. But, I’d like to believe we who are blog friends are close.

Believing that to be so, it’s also a bit difficult for me to think of seven things to share that my loyal friends and readers don’t already know about me but I’ll do my best.

  1. I’m a Sagittarius, but I don’t bother to read horoscopes.
  2. I would love more than anything to stay at home and just be a housewife.  I think, if I’m allowed to say so, that I make a damned good one.  Life, however, seems to feel I have another destiny.
  3. My favorite summer activity is sitting on the beach searching for agates and beach glass.
  4. I have three regrets in life, and sadly they’re big ones.
  5. My favorite movie of all time is Joe vs the Volcano.
  6. If I could live anywhere in the whole wide world I’d only need to move an hour and a half from my current house, but if I could find a job, I’d happily stay exactly where I am for the rest of my life.
  7. If I could go back in time just for one weekend, I’d love to spend the weekend with Jane Austen.

Happy Monday to all!

7 Comments to “With thanks: One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. What interesting shares. Joe vs the Volcano? There’s probably only you and me who remember it; and only you who rates it. 🙂

  2. Jane Austen- what an inspirational bod you are, Janie 🙂 It would take me all weekend to build up the bravery to try to converse with her!

    • You, talk about not being brave?!? You who who’s attending the Blog Awards Ireland 2012, and nominated herself? Hmn. I think you are braver than I. I’d be hobnobbing with one author who wasn’t even well established in her day, where as you my dear, are going to be hobnobbing with all of Ireland’s bloggers. Not to make you nervous or anything 😉 In honor of your up coming event how about adding the One Lovely Blog Award to your virtual trophy case? I was serious about nominating everyone on my blog roll.

  3. Joe Vs Volcano is the movie H and I refer to when we want to describe something that just makes us so mad or depressed we want to give up. The first twenty minutes made me so sad I couldn’t stop crying. Might be that I had a Tom Hanks fixation at the time. Cast Away did the same thing. It’s a good movie, I just can’t dig myself out of that flickering fluorescent light hell scene. Gah.
    And thank you for putting me on your blogroll with such nifty bloggers.

    • I must agree, the opening scenes of Joe in the “entire advertising library” are pretty horrific, “I’m not arguing that with you.” But I never found it depressing, in fact, I found it liberating. Joe is not a victim of the misery of 9-5, he’s a victim of his own fear and inhibitions. Once he realizes that, he wins the girl and gets a second chance. Every time I watch it I feel empowered, and I laugh my ass off.

      And you are totally welcome on my blog roll, you have me on yours after all, and I find that a high compliment. I wasn’t sure however, if the One Lovely Blog Award would really describe your brand of marvelous insanity, but if it will float your boat, I’d love to honor you with it.

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