Task Mistress Day 55; Task 16 out of 101/1001

by Janie Jones

16.  Find a work study job for the fall. (4/11/12; 4/23/12)

I am a glutton for punishment.  Seriously.  I had no problems lining up a work study gig for fall.  Care to guess why?

I mentioned I’d be looking for one to my Spanish teacher and she offered to take me on.  Which is great.  She’s really nice.  I’ll be her personal secretary and apparently her Teacher’s Assistant for her English composition class and, did you see this coming? Spanish.

Just when I thought I could put that behind me, I’m in for it again.  At least this time I won’t be graded, I’ll be helping with the grading.  But my teacher is a native Spanish speaker so she’s been emailing me with summer instructions in Spanish.


Please pass the Spanish-English dictionary….

4 Comments to “Task Mistress Day 55; Task 16 out of 101/1001”

  1. Think about the free tutoring you’ll actually be getting!

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