Task Mistress Day 54: Task 44 out of 101/1001

by Janie Jones

44.  Update blog with new seasonal banner.  (5/2/12; 5/13/12?)

I probably should have address this one sooner, as you’ve been looking at my new seasonal make over for a while now.  Ha!  And now I’m already getting restless with the new banner and color scheme and contemplating a new one.  I’m even thinking about changing the layout.  What do you think?

I do definitely prefer WordPress to Blogspot (where I’ve had blogs in the past and don’t ever wish to go back) but there are quite a few times when I miss having my own website to design from scratch.  Then I remember how much work that was and think I should just stay where I’m at.

2 Comments to “Task Mistress Day 54: Task 44 out of 101/1001”

  1. There are arguments for and against – it’s always nice to see a change, it freshens things up; but if someone comes to your blog, likes you but can’t quite remember it, if you look different, they might move on. Or not, if you are consistently interesting, as you are 🙂

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been described as consistently interesting, but I like it. 🙂 Whenever I get the “itch” to change things up I look at the templates WordPress offers and realize this one really does offer a layout that appeals to me best of all. So, I’ll stick with it until some day when I can afford to buy Dreamweaver and design my own website. At the rate school is going, it could be some time before I have the time and money for that sort of thing. However, I recently added my flag counter, which I love, so that kinda satisfies my “itch” for a while…

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