Task Mistress Day 53: Task 15 out of 101/1001

by Janie Jones

15.  Make banana bread from the over ripe bananas that have been taunting me for the last 3 days (this probably should have appeared first on my list). (4/11/12; 4/12/12)

LOL!  While I really did need to make banana bread, and I really did make it, this task was mostly put down for fun.  Believe it or not I used to be much snarkier, until life sort of beat all the wry humor and wit right out of me.  Thinking of this now though it puts me in mind to add another task to my list, something along the lines of doing more baking again.  I love to bake!

Anyway, I have a yummy homemade banana bread recipe, and once the bread is out of the pan it doesn’t last long.  Leif and the spud are banana bread gluttons.

Now I’m just going to be really silly…

Man:  Do you have a bun in the oven?

Woman:  Yeah, remember when you were really happy to see me?  Well, that wasn’t a banana in your pocket and I’ve the pastry to prove it.

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