A big day at the Jones residence

by Janie Jones

The spud is off for her last day of First Grade.  Uncle Leif was up early to make her bacon and eggs.  She left on time (miracle that!) with flowers for the teacher in hand.  I don’t know precisely what she’s more excited about, finishing the school year or being off to see Daddy for the summer.  Either way, it’s all good.  She’s too young to know yet what her mother is going through today.

4 Comments to “A big day at the Jones residence”

  1. For the summer? Gulp. Oh, Janie.
    Is that far away?
    I hope you have a big store of hugs hugged up

    • Yup. For the whole summer, about 11-12 weeks. Her dad moved last fall about 12-13 hours away by car, so she’s only seen him for about a week at Christmas since then. She was used to spending half her time with her dad, so she’s missed him a lot. But, we have fortified her with a cell phone, email and Skype, so she can keep in touch with him when she’s here and with me when she’s there. Still, it’s a lot to worry about for grown ups, but I think it will be good. Kids need to learn to be independent and self reliant, and this way she gets little bits of time to be away from Momma when she’s still safe with trusted grown ups. When she’s ready for college, she’ll be ready to fly and I’ll be used to an empty nest. I hope…

  2. Poor Momma! But it could be worse – she could have a father who didn’t care, and you would hate that, I’m sure.

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