Well, Sun, is that really you? Hello, Darling! Where have you been?

by Janie Jones

This is a photo of a sunbathing Colobus Monkey.  I took this photo in March.

One may wonder why I’m sharing a photo of a sunbathing Colobus Monkey with you.  Well, several reasons I suppose.

First, because it’s silly, and my soul felt the need for some silly this morning.

Second, because I wanted some color on my blog.  I know, a black and white monkey on dead grass is not very colorful, but at least there’s something to break up all the text.

Third, I was getting tired of reading my own 101/1001 updates, aren’t you?  I’m almost caught up, so please bear with me.

Fourth, and foremost, because I envy this monkey his ability to just lay back in the sun and chill.  I want to follow his (her?) example.  Unfortunately the weather, my illness, my duties as a mother, and my idiotic need to earn money is putting a serious crimp in my ability to copy cat sunbathing monkeys.  However, my cold is gone, the spud leaves for her dad’s on Friday, I have just two more weeks of work left this summer and, it can’t rain forever.  After all, I don’t live in Seattle.

In anticipation of impending monkey business, I splurged and treated myself to a folding chaise-lounge (unlike the monkey shown, I am not so fond of lying directly in the grass, itchy!).  I can hear it calling me:

“Janie…  Oh, Janie!  Come, unfold me.  Sit on me.  Relax and sip rum punch and read Darcy romances.  Have no cares.  I’m waiting, Janie!”

Oh, Mr. Chaise-Lounge, make a monkey out of me!

So, now you know I have monkey envy don’t go sharing these de-tails on the ‘apevine.

3 Comments to “Well, Sun, is that really you? Hello, Darling! Where have you been?”

  1. You have monkeys lying around that you can take photos of ?? I’m fully impressed.

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