Task Mistress Day 50; Task 9 out of 101/1001

by Janie Jones

9.  Figure out how to sit for two finals 75 miles apart at the same time on the same day. (4/11/12; 5/1/12)

This turned out to be easier than I thought, as the two finals in question were for Spanish and Anthropology, and being as my Spanish class consisted of just 4 students the teacher let us pick a different date that was preferable to everyone.  So one problem solved, but it turned out to be even less necessary because after we picked the new date for the Spanish final, the teacher announced that she would exempt anyone with an A in the class and perfect attendance from the final.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to make an A this semester, but between my fantastic chicken tacos with mole and an extra credit project I did on double negatives I managed to have a 93.79% which she rounded up to the cut off of 94% for an A.  I thought it was very nice of her to round up, don’t you?

2 Comments to “Task Mistress Day 50; Task 9 out of 101/1001”

  1. As you were only .21% off 94%, it would have been mean if she hadn’t.

    Well done! And I’m glad your hard work paid off in an unexpected way.

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