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May 29, 2012

Tuesday Titters: Week 22, skinny dipping

by Janie Jones

Did you hear the one about the two elephants that came to the bank of a river and couldn’t swim cross?  They only had one pair of trunks between them.

May 29, 2012

Task Mistress Day 49; Tasks 5 and 6 out of 101/1001

by Janie Jones

I’m combining these tasks because they relate to pretty much the same thing, my anthropology class.

5.  Read remaining 3 chapters for anthropology class. (4/11/12; 5/7/12)

6.  Refrain from throwing my text book at my anthropology teacher who writes the worst tests known to man and is planning a cumulative final. (4/11/12; 5/8/12)

I was really disappointed with my anthropology class over all.  My professor was very nice, and extremely knowledgeable, but I felt the class was not what it was advertised to be and despite being an accomplished anthropologist my professor was not a great teacher.

Anyway, I got the reading done, which was kind of interesting; the last 3 chapters were about the Homo genus, which is what I was looking forward to in the class.  I just wish it wasn’t crammed into the last 3 weeks.

The final wasn’t too bad, despite being cumulative, and compared to previous tests it was down right easy.  But, then, under student pressure he sent us a study guide which listed all the specific pages he was drawing from for test questions.  So, if you bothered to study those specific pages you, in theory, should have been able to do well.  I think, however, that most students are stupid and didn’t trouble themselves to do even that little bit.  When final grades were posted it was obvious he had to put a healthy curve on the grades.  How do I know?  I scored 117.25%  Even if I got every answer correct, which I know is not the case because I looked up a few questions I was stumped on and got at least one of them wrong, that means there was at least an 18% curve.


Well, I am glad I controlled my urge to pitch my book at him.  He’s a nice guy really.  Just, he shouldn’t write tests.