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May 27, 2012

Spudisms #13: Geography and Bread

by Janie Jones

Spud:  What kind of bread is this?

Me:  French Bread.

Spud:  Is it from Italy?

Me:  No, French Bread is from France, Italian Bread is from Italy.

Spud:  Ohhhh.

*Happily takes a bite of French Bread*



Spud:  Momma, what does this bread taste like?

Me:  What does it taste like?  Didn’t you just eat a bite?  You tell me.

Spud:  I dunno.

Me:  It tastes like French Bread.

Spud:  Ohhhh.  Because it’s from France.  Not Italy.

May 27, 2012

Task Mistress Day 47: Task 3 of 101/1001

by Janie Jones

3.  Visit the planetarium and see a sky show for my astronomy class paper. (4/28/12; 4/30/12)

Well, this task was not as much fun as I had anticipated it to be.  I went to campus for Astronomy Day anticipating seeing some exciting shy shows.  Unfortunately the “shows” were just mini lectures given by my astronomy class professor in the sky dome.  Because it was free, and Astronomy Day, everyone in town read: Bring your screaming crying children out to annoy those who are paying for a babysitter to watch theirs so they can have a peaceful afternoon out.

Besides from the show being a disappointment, I never got any feedback on my report and I have a sneaky suspicion the professor never looked at it.

Oh, well.  At least I got to cross something off my list!