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May 26, 2012

Tast Mistress Day 46: Task 2 of 101/1001

by Janie Jones

Seeing as I’ve already killed off about a dozen tasks I’ll be catching up on my progress reports over the next few days….

2.  Write the research paper on GE foods for my Writing class. (4/13/12; 5/3/12)

Whew!  That was a project and a half!  I have a mind to share the paper with you all, but you’d probably find it boring.  I expected this assignment to be weightier, so when it came time to write I had done tons of research and prep work thinking I’d be writing like some 20 page manifesto.  Instead, the final assignment was for 6-8 pages.  I found it very challenging to squish it down to something that brief.  It seemed like one could barely get into a true research paper in such a small assignment.

Anyway, after a few sleepless nights and much wailing and gnashing of teeth the paper was completed and submitted on May 3rd.  Final grades came in and I was abundantly rewarded with an A (100 out of 100 points).  I hope you will share my joy and not roll your eyes at me if I toot my own horn just a bit.

This whole writing class had me a bit strung out.  While I have always enjoyed writing, past teachers have tended to be very harsh on my critiques.  I hope in the 20 or so years since my last class I have improved in skill and that I didn’t just have an overly lenient professor this time around.  In peer review I did see some other student’s work by which I could assess my comparative skill.  Other student’s work….  Perhaps that’s not really the best word to describe a collection of words on paper.

In any event, I survived and passed with high marks and only have to worry about one more writing course in my quest for my Bachelor’s.