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May 24, 2012

Curling up with a box of Kleenex and a good book on a rainy day, just what the doctor ordered

by Janie Jones

The weather up here in the Great White North has been really rainy the last several days and when combined with my cold (which is again on the mend, thanks to all for your concern and well wishes… I’m almost back to my normal self) has made for an excellent excuse to do little besides read.  So, I’ve finished A Discovery of Witches.

I liked it.  It had an interesting mixture of science and fantasy, a fun twist on monster characters (or as the author calls them, creatures) and though it is just the first in a series it didn’t have a super huge cliff hanger.  Although, I am left wanting more, as any good series should do.  The character development is pretty good, and for the most part the characters are pretty interesting and nearly believable, considering it is fantasy.  I think it does pretty well having something for all reading tastes; some romance (tastefully done romance by in large, although once you really get into the book the plot seems to focus heavily on the romance of the main characters and at times somewhat bogs down the action, but the romance is key to the plot, so in general it works), some action, some mystery, and a bit of quirkiness.

Overall, a pretty enjoyable read, and luckily, the sequel is due out later this summer.  Until then, I have to decide what to read next.  I have several books on my bookshelf in varying degrees of literary significance.  I tried to sit down and read a couple different titles last night, but nothing was blowing my skirt up, so to speak.  I think, as much as I enjoy a good read, I really need to jump start my enthusiasm again.  This yucky weather and my cold have really done a number on my summer fever.