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May 23, 2012

And I now dub you, Sir Rupert Poopsalot of the Crunchy Turd

by Janie Jones

Now I know this is pretty gross, but I’m sitting here sick, and unable to nap and yet unable to get up the energy to do much else, so I’m sharing this all with you.

Sunday I made a bone-in ham.  It was delicious.  Leif saved the au jus and the bone and yesterday used them to make Navy Bean Soup.  It rocks.  Totally.  In fact when I’m done with this post I just may avail myself of a bowl of left overs provided I can muster the energy to shuffle over to the kitchen.

Anyway, I digress.  After the soup was done he gave the bone to Rupert.  Rupert is extremely picky about his bones.  He will only eat fresh home cooked meat bones.  None of those plastic wrapped, store bought, basted beef bones for him.  Oh, no.  But when we do treat him to a home cooked meat bone he gobbles it up, no bones about it.  Then for the next 36 hours he has petrified poops.

The poor thing pooped not once this morning.  Not twice.  Not even three times.  Oh, no.  Poor guy grunted and strained and pushed out 5 crunchy doggie turds.  Now, it’s gross enough scooping up a stinky, hot, steamy dog poop as it is with only a thin piece of plastic baggie between one’s hand and said poop, but grabbing a pile that is hot and hard as rock is it’s own level of grossly disconcerting.

And, now that I’ve shared this with you, I must let out Sir Poopsalot yet again because the poor dear is scooting along the carpet.  Yuck.  As soon as I can breathe through my nose and the concrete drains out of my head I am soooo steam cleaning this carpet.

May 23, 2012

It’s getting harder to find the silver lining in a head cold

by Janie Jones

So last week I spent all my time off from work nursing a horrible head cold.  I tried to make the best of it by enjoying some reading.  And, by Sunday I was feeling almost as good as new.

Last night however, I woke up in the small hours with another bad sore throat and a head full of congestion.  Just in time for my day off.

I’m beginning to think I’m never going to get a chance to enjoy myself this summer.  I remind myself that it’s not even June yet, but with all that’s been going on this month, good and bad, May just feels like a very, very long month.

So, hopefully I’ll be feeling better again soon, and stay better and then I can begin to have a life again.  For now, please excuse me, I have to blow and alien out of my nose.