Tuesday Titters: Week 21, it’s beer-thirty

by Janie Jones

Once upon a time there were two turtles who were best friends.  Ray and Bud were very competitive and one day while sunning on a log they began to argue about who was smarter.  All the other critters grew tired of their bickering.  Bart, a huge old bullfrog, suggested they have a battle of wits to determine the smartest turtle between them.  They loved the idea, but needed a judge to determine the winner, so they prevailed upon Bart.  Bart consented, if they would accept his judgement and promise to stop arguing.  When they agreed he set them to several intellectual challenges, each more difficult than the last.  All the critters watched as the competition between the friends got fiercer and fiercer.  Finally, Bart announced the challenge was over and he had determined the winner.

“Well, who’s the smartest turtle in our swamp?”  The other critters asked excitedly.

“Yes, tell us!”  Cried Ray and Bud.

“It was a very close call.”  Said Bart.

“Well, who’s wiser?”  They demanded.

Bart cleared his throat and croaked, “Bud’s wiser!”


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