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May 7, 2012

Spudisms #11: Have you heard how hard it is to be seven?

by Janie Jones

At dinner, the spud was lamenting the misery of having chores.  Specifically, helping weed the garden.

Spud:  And, my back was kind of hurting really bad.

Me:  Oh, it was, was it?

Spud:  Oh yes.  It was kind of going like this *not very helpful, yet still enthusiastic hand motions* and like this *more cryptic hand motions* and it was, you know, updating.

Me:  Updating.  Really.

Spud:  Uh, huh.  My spine was.

Me:  (laughing) Your spine was updating.  Are you sure?

Spud:  It was!  It was updating.  And my headache was adopted.

It must be horrible to be trying to explain such serious conditions while your mother is wailing, rolling on the floor laughing.