Get a haircut, and get a real job

by Janie Jones

My dear blog friends may not know, but I have been applying for dozens of jobs in the last couple of months, as I can’t live on unemployment forever.  But, times are hard.  Jobs in the Great White North are few and applicants are many.  I’ve only gotten two interviews.  And, as I really prefer not to wipe the behinds of Depends-wearing, mentally handicapped persons, I didn’t even like wiping my daughter’s behind when she was a baby,  I put on a brave smile and eagerly accepted the only other offer I’ve gotten while mentally calculating that it pays 2.5 times less per hour than my last real job.  If I get enough hours each week I might end up with enough of a paycheck to pay at least my rent, which is important, so off to work I go.  So, I don’t have a big brother Bob, I really do need a haircut, but at least I now have a paying job.  At least for the summer.  Which is good.  I couldn’t afford to keep this job all year ’round.


But, it’s at a garden center where I will spend my time watering flowers and imbibing lots of fresh air and sunshine instead of sitting at my laptop doing homework.  Sounds pleasant enough as jobs go.  And, if I manage not to kill all the stupid customers who ask, “Do I need to remove this from the pot before I put it in the ground,” or “What do you mean I can’t have a refund!  It’s not my fault that the plant dried out and died from sitting in a tiny 1″x1″ plastic container on my black top driveway for 3 weeks in the blazing sun and it never rained once” I should have something new to blog about besides school.

Well, I best go make myself as presentable as possible.  My duty to the boss is calling…


One Comment to “Get a haircut, and get a real job”

  1. Congrats on getting a job, and it sounds as if it could be quite pleasant.
    And with really annoying customers you could slip manure into their bag so that they spend the journey home wondering what the strange smell in the car is.

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