Five minutes does not an eternity make

by Janie Jones

Thankfully when giving a speech in a foreign language that no one else in the room really speaks any better than you, save the professor, no one really notices the small things that go wrong.

Unfortunately, the big things, like your videos not playing because the school computers don’t have as current software as your home computer, well, that tends to be a bit more noticeable.  However, I was prepared for that eventuality with back ups of my videos that could be played with other media software so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Just two more days of Spanish and a final.  Just two more days.

3 Comments to “Five minutes does not an eternity make”

  1. You can do it! In fact, you may have already done it, because I think this post was written a couple of days ago. How was it?

  2. Thanks Tilly! It went okay. Besides from the problem with the videos, I did okay. My Spanish professor is super nice and very understanding. She said I did a very good job and really liked the videos I made; even though the videos did not play in the Powerpoint presentation, she said being able to open them directly off my USB drive was just fine. My presentation was on mole poblano. A brief description of what it is, were it originated and a “cooking lesson” on how to make it. Then I brought chicken tacos with mole poblano for the class to try. I figured if I ended with food, people would be left on a high note! I think it worked… We won’t get grades probably until the final grades for the class are posted as this is the “oral” part of our final. The written final is a week from today.

    Hasta luego!

  3. Delighted it went okay, even though you fed them mole. You’re right, your professor really is super nice.

    Just one more week! Nearly there…

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