Some days I really wish I was born a computer nerd

by Janie Jones

Living in the Great White North has its disadvantages.

I mean besides the ones that involve three feet of snow and minus 40 temps.

Seriously, they exist.

The disadvantage du jour is my crappy frickin internet provider options.  Both companies servicing my area have rates which make trading my first born sound like a bargain.  And, after being taken to the financial cleaners month after month, I get the pleasure of having no service reliability.  Seriously.  None.

Well, at least every thing was working pretty well until around the start of the year.  Now despite multiple calls to the bastards masquerading as an ISP, buying new modems and cords and whatever they suggest, I still have no consistent internet.  Hence, I had to pack up my crap and hoof in to school early today to do my studying.  You can see how much I’m getting accomplished.

In all the free time I have to call and complain and request service calls they weasel out of providing I now have to worry about all my online classwork being delayed or obliterated when my connection just decides to go on an early spring break.

It makes those computer nerds with the insanely complex looking computer tech labs in their basements look like excellent marriage material.  I’d love to have my own server and the ability to surf the internet at light speed.  I would almost sell my virtue, if I had some left, for an in house Moss or Roy of my very own.

Instead, here I am sitting in a stairway at Stickittoyou U wondering why at in excess of $400 a credit hour they can’t provide sufficient quiet study areas and outlets for laptop adaptors.

Well,  don’t that beat all.  I rush to campus to dutifully do my homework and can neither find a quiet place to study nor a place to plug in my failing battery operated laptop.  I suppose I should have made my way to the nearest Carribou Coffee instead.  At least they understand the needs of wireless laptop users.  Funny how I never thought a $4 coffee would be so reasonable.


2 Comments to “Some days I really wish I was born a computer nerd”

  1. Cable? If so, the problem is probably the coaxial cable, or a connection. Minor corrosion can be a major problem in a fitting. Sometimes, it’s a simple as tightening a loose fitting, or getting on the providers ass and telling them they need to check their equipment.

    If it’s satellite, the crappy weather this time of the year can be a problem, although it usually clears up.

    If it’s dial-up, there is no such thing as speed.

    If it’s DSL, the distance from the hub is a big factor.

    If it’s cellular, the signal at your home could be weak, so broadband communication is problematic due to communication errors.

    I live in a rural area, so no cable, satellite is too expensive, which led to a cellular modem. It’s fast, but the total usage of the plan can lead to extra bandwidth charges.

  2. Wow. Do you make house calls? Thanks for the info, I think it’s got to be something with the wiring either in my walls or the connection to the house, though they tell me otherwise. Everything worked fine for 3 years, then last summer we began to have sporadic problems. It got better for a few months then after the new year it went into a nose dive. I personally feel like we’ve fixed every “us” problem there is, so it has to be somewhere on their end. Finally on Friday they fixed some “coil” at the “main office.” I’m waiting to see if this improves our lot. So far we’ve only been down twice since then….

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