Magic Beans

by Janie Jones

You may be wondering why I have posted a photo of what appears to be kidney beans in beakers. Well, I’ve been too busy to torture all my dear readers lately with cranky tales of College Woes.  Even I was getting horribly bored with the same dull posts staring at me for the last couple weeks.  So, at last here’s something besides stupid jokes to look at at Janie’s Place.

Cell Biology.

This is what $86 of lab fees will get you these days.  Besides from the snarky tone, it is interesting.  If you look closely at the beaker on the left you can see the small cup of bromothymol blue has changed to a dark yellowish brown color.  What is this devilry?  Magic?  No, biology.  This means my beans are breathing.  Kinda cool.

The second lab is genetics.  If I find a spare moment I’ll share those pics too.

Happy Wednesday.  Now I need to go pay bills and, as always, do homework.

One Comment to “Magic Beans”

  1. Ah Ha! Breathing beans explains flatulence.

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