Apparently I’m barking up the wrong blog theme

by Janie Jones

So I just happened to notice recently that I get a lot of hits searching for meatloaf related topics.  In fact, searches relating to meatloaf are second only to topics relating to Black Moor fish.  While blogging, for me anyway, is not meant to be a popularity contest, it is fun to see that people have visited you.  It’s even more fun when they leave comments and nominate you for awards.  But, I digress.

If I was trying to be a blog hit-counter-whore, I guess the public is sending me a clear message that I should write more posts about meatloaf and Black Moor fish.  Or perhaps a meatloaf made with Black Moor fish, then I could combine my search totals and triple my hits per post.

Ewww!  Maybe not so much.

Sadly our last Black Moor fish died a couple weeks ago, and I don’t think we’ll be getting any more anytime soon, so I guess the meatloaf topics sans Black Moor fish will have to carry my blog from now on.  That’s probably a blessing in disguise.  I don’t think people would really like Black Moor Meatloaf.  Black Angus Meatloaf though may be worth contemplating.  Strange how changing just one word can take something from disgusting to delicious.

Any way, I’m just rambling and procrastinating at this point, mostly because I have a writing class assignment I have to complete which I so do not want to do.  But, if I want to get any grade other than a zero, I suppose I’d best put on my big girl panties and get at it.

But first I think I’ll thaw some meatloaf for dinner.  Oh, and go feed all the fish we have left that aren’t Black Moor fish.

Happy Monday.


2 Comments to “Apparently I’m barking up the wrong blog theme”

  1. Blog searches are weird. There’s no denying it. That’s our good fortune!

  2. Mine mostly come from a search for monkey sex. People are strange.

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