Tuesday Titters: Week 5, in protest of dirty jokes

by Janie Jones

This morning I said to Leif: I need a joke for my Tuesday Titters.  I need something funny to start off my day, but I forgot to put something together yesterday.

Leif:  Well, you could tell the joke about the *insert racial slur* who…

Janie:  Geesh.  I need something that’s not highly offensive or crass.

Leif:  *stares blankly*

Janie:  Do you even know any?

Leif:  *stares blankly, then turns to the computer and begins reading off only slightly offensive and bawdy jokes making me laugh*  Okay, then how about this one:

There was a professor who had a habit of telling the dirtiest, bawdiest jokes in class.  The young women in class grew offended by his ceaseless off color humor and decided to stage a protest.  They all agreed that the next time the professor started to tell a dirty joke they would all stand up and walk out of class.

The professor found out about their plans, but instead of confronting them came to class with a plan in mind.  That day, during lecture he proceeded very professionally until about midway through the class at which point he said, “You know, I hear there is a shortage of prostitutes in France….”

At hearing this, the women looked around the room at each other, then rose and headed for the door.

The professor then said, “Ladies, the next flight to France isn’t ’til this evening.”

Thanks Leif, and what ever place you found this joke.


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