I lost my heart to Simon Pegg at Area 51

by Janie Jones

Couresty of Wikipedia

So here’s a bit of fun, I’ll even brave posting a photo I have borrowed from Wikipedia to share the fun with you all.  Leif and I just watched the movie Paul, written by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and it was riotous good fun.  So many movies transplant Americans into Great Britain and have us going all goo-goo ga-ga for the rose colored view of all things British.  However, Paul takes the opposite view and transports two loveable Sci-Fi geeks into the southwest on a tour of comic cons and alien encounter sites.  And, of course, along the way they meet Paul.  As in their other joint efforts Pegg plays the “heartthrob” and is a thoroughly loveable geek who gets the girl in the end.  Oh, and for those of you who favor Frost, he gets his Ewok as well.  Replete with government conspiracy, hard core shot gun ‘n’ bible toting creationists, romance, and a three breasted alien, Paul won’t disappoint those who love the comic genius and lovable goofiness of Pegg and Frost.  The Jones family gives it a hearty two thumbs up!

One Comment to “I lost my heart to Simon Pegg at Area 51”

  1. This film is fabulous. Great review 😉

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