SOPA/PIPA Compliance

by Janie Jones

I am going to beat this dead horse until it’s cat food quality pate.

I imagine it’s a dead horse, because the day I posted “SOPA sucks”  My stats took a huge dive.  Only three of you were brave enough to check me out.  I don’t blame you, my temper tantrums are ugly and saying I disagree with THE MAN probably gets me the wrong kind of attention from You-Know-Who.  But despite the chripy quality of Wednesday’s blog I’m tenaciously going to post about SOPA and PIPA again.

I needed to clean out my media files anyway, so in a moment of pique, I started tossing any photo I didn’t take myself, recklessly regardless of broken links in past posts and accidentally getting carried away and deleting a few things I didn’t have to.  Then, however, I got to my CowaBunger award and I went weak.  I can’t delete my beautiful corn cow.  But, I decided I could only partially plagiarize by reproducing the award using my impressive Photoshop* skills.  Hey, I paid in excess of $1500 to be taught how to use it, I might as well get some return on my investment.

So:  voila!

Without further ado I present the all new and improved Janie Jones and her partially SOPA compliant blog.

Or for those of you who already noticed my new header, the More Boring than Ever Janie’s Place in the Great White North where I will spend the next month being a general poopy butt about this whole SOPA thing.

*This should not be perceived as any kind of endorsement for Photoshop.  And, in case you were born in a vacuum, I was speaking tongue in cheek about my skills….

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3 Comments to “SOPA/PIPA Compliance”

  1. I like your new pictures 🙂

  2. Me too, I love the new CoWAbunger, and the new Gravatar (keep that, even when SOPA is gone).

    (I’d say I love the new header as well, but it might make me look like I’ve a foot fetish).

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