SOPA sucks

by Janie Jones

I’d like to say I have a lot to say on this subject.  But I’m not very eloquent in that way.  Politics get me so riled up that any calm and rational expression of thought is impossible.  Perhaps you may not realize this but underneath Janie’s lame joke telling demeanor is a seething roiling mass of stressed out depressed rage.  Blogging is my therapy.  Right now I’m going to indulge in a little therapy.


Excuse me.  You may not want to keep reading if you wish to avoid Janie’s temper tantrum.  I haven’t had a good one on this blog in a while, so it may be shocking to some readers.

That said, if SOPA is as bad as it sounds, I’d likely be in deep shit.  My avatar after all is probably someone’s copyrighted photo.  I have long meant to replace it with a mock up photo of me as Rosie, but that requires me to have someone available to take my photo when I’m available to get all dressed up.  And, on the occasions when the stars align and that is actually possible I tend to forget being as formerly it was not much of a matter of life and death.

Perhaps I deserve to hang for “borrowing” some photos over the years.  If I can tell where they’re from, I try to give credit, but I never knowingly borrowed anyone’s words without giving credit.  Can jokes you heard in 5th grade from some kid whose name you forgot be considered copyrighted material?  And, I just don’t get how it’s wrong if you refer someone to YouTube, or another site.  But, who am I?  Just someone who could be considered photo plagiarist myself.

And, while I’m on my soap box, I’d just like to say for the record, I’m damn sick and tired of hearing nothing but crap from our government.  Solyndra Scandal, Gunwalker Scandal, and then you can’t trust the police anymore.  How many stories have we heard lately about police brutality?  I didn’t vote for this.  I didn’t, and don’t support our Golfer in Chief.  Obama must go in 2012, but who do we have worthy to replace him?  Decent men, or women, are hard to come by.  Of what I’ve heard so far Herman Kane was probably the best candidate.  I suspect this is true because look how hard the media tried to discredit him.  He was a threat to the Liberal Agenda.  He had to go at all costs.  Well, we’ll never know now.  Instead we have to live in fear of losing other potentially good candidates to fixed polls and media slander.

Did I mention how much I hate sauerkraut!?!  (1)  Whoops, I mean politics.  I HATE POLITICS.  Yes, I used all caps.  Unapologetically.  I’m yelling now, just you can’t hear it because this is a blog.

Eh.  I’m to busy to worry about it.  Perhaps I’m to busy even to have a blog.  Perhaps that’s exactly what the gov’ment wants, people to be to busy their oblivious or so afraid they’ll give up speaking.

I’m going to go do some yoga now before I explode.  Then I suppose I’ll try hard to bury this in my “save for later when you aren’t already stressed out beyond belief” files so I can continue on with my life.  Probably not the best attitude, but I have all I can handle on my plate right now.

(1)  Reference to the Weird Al Yankovic song, Albuquerque.  There, I didn’t plagiarise I gave credit where due.

2 Comments to “SOPA sucks”

  1. If we all shout about how we feel, they have to listen.

  2. Thank you for expressing yourself! You go girl!! I am glad that I have a fellow supporter who feels the same way I do about all this SOPA bs, and the way I also feel about sauerkraut. ;P

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