Things Janie Loves

by Janie Jones

Recently the Jones Household has been on a Nutella kick. I bought a jar on a lark, and Leif kinda looked at me funny. But, then, he discovered how yummy it is and absconded with the jar, hiding it under all the miscellaneous flotsam piled up on his computer table. Later, I go to enjoy some Nutella and the jar is 3 quarters empty. So, I did what any one would do. I went out and bought the jumbo vat o’ Nutella. 26 oz of hazelnutty goodness, baby! Although, on Amazon one can buy a case of Nutella for a mere $17.97 plus $6.95 S/H. I’m not sure about the category, “Used and New” from $15.59. Um, used Nutella? I don’t even want to go there….

However, if I save labels from my Nutella jars I can get free Nutella merchandise. Whoo-hoo! And, buying a case at a time would earn me a highly desirable Nutella Spreader in no time. Sadly, I was too late in discovering the Nutella website to enter the sweepstakes to win a case of free Nutella. That may be for the best. Seriously, I could bankrupt myself on Keebler’s Wheatables Toasted Pecan Nut Crisps, my preferred vehicle for Nutella consumption. Those little elves have a crazy expensive price tag on their Nut Crisps.

Anyway, according to Amazon, there’s an 11 pound jar produced in Italy. I don’t know if that’s true. I think that may fall under the category of too much of a good thing.

So, any of you nuts for Nutella?


8 Comments to “Things Janie Loves”

  1. About a year ago the girls in our house were away and I’d to provide sustenance for the teenage sons. I went down to the shops one morning and when I returned Tinson1 had gone out. There was a jar of Nutella with a knife still stuck in it on the breakfast table, but all the bread, rolls, etc were exactly as I’d left them, so I reckon his breakfast had consisted purely of Nutella eaten straight from the jar with a knife.

  2. I love their merchandise, by the way. Just how many Nutella t-shirts do you reckon they sell in a year?

    • I’ve never seen anyone wearing one. Maybe they get more takers in other countries. I’m not much of a tee shirt gal, but once I’ve gotten my spreader, perhaps I’ll move on to collecting Nutella mugs. How fun would that be? Having company over for tea served in Nutella mugs and Nutella on toast spread with Nutella spreaders.

      Mmm. It’s brunch time here in the States. Perhaps I’ll mosey on in to the kitchen for tea and Nutella and dream of my Nutella kitchen gadgets….

  3. Never had it but I’m sure going to try it now! Thanks for the funny post.

    • Exploringkindness: Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! It’s exciting to have new visitors, but it’s also nice to be able to visit them back… Your link doesn’t appear to work; do you have a blog of your own? -Janie

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