Not your typical children’s reading material

by Janie Jones

All too soon all ya’ll will be sick of me an my school stories and the semester’s barely begun.  However, I just have to share this family togetherness vignette:

Yesterday evening, as the wind howled and the snow flew, the spud, Leif and I piled on my bed and read my new textbooks.  Eventually, Leif and I wandered off to make dinner, and when the food was ready Leif went looking for the spud.  Apparently, she was still engrossed, nose buried in my anthropology text.

Leif:  What are you doing?  Reading?

Spud:  Yeah, I’m learning about gorilla skulls.

Leif:  That’s a human skull.

Spud:  Well, gorilla skulls and human skulls.

Leif:  Cool.  Dinner’s ready though.  Go wash your hands.

Spud:  Awwwww! I wanna read about more gorilla skeletons.

The quest for knowledge:  Get ’em hooked young.


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