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January 11, 2012

Oooh. Somebody quick, take my temperature. I must be sick.

by Janie Jones

So yesterday I drove into the big city to purchase my text books for this semester.  $500+ later I was having anxiety attacks at the check out counter.  However I may be horrified at the price tag, this semester’s lot, excepting the $150 on my writing 101 materials, looks totally cool!  I had to exert massive will power to do my Spanish homework first before wading into the astronomy text- dark matter!- or the anthropology text -discussing the evolution of prehistoric humans!-  EEEEE!

I’m even in a pretty good mood about Spanish.  This chapter is about shopping, clothing and colors.  Way more interesting in my opinion than most of the chapters from last semester about sports, -yuk- making travel plans, -eh- or talking about countries of origin or school related terms.

Well, I can contain myself no longer, I’m off to hit the books…  Whoo-hoo!