Facinating factoids of the seven year old mind…

by Janie Jones

Did you know that muffins have crust which must be painstakingly removed for the first time ever -in 6 years of being old enough to eat muffins- on January 9, 2012?

Seriously.  The top, sides, and bottom (constituting about 75% of the muffin) were picked off the muffin the spud had for breakfast this morning.  When I asked why, which came out something like:

Good merciful heavens child, what’s with all that muffin stuff piled up on your plate?!?

The calm and straight forward answer I got was:

“Well, muffins have crusts.”

“They do?!?”

“Yeah.  The crusts sort of scratch my throat kind of a little bit.”

Mmn.  You don’t say.


One Comment to “Facinating factoids of the seven year old mind…”

  1. That’s one of those things that confuse scientists. Usually, the different behavior is the result of direct observation of a peer that practices the same behavior in the school lunchroom. There’s no logic, although the herd behavior is irresistable to some children. There is no solution, except starvation.

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