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January 9, 2012

Facinating factoids of the seven year old mind…

by Janie Jones

Did you know that muffins have crust which must be painstakingly removed for the first time ever -in 6 years of being old enough to eat muffins- on January 9, 2012?

Seriously.  The top, sides, and bottom (constituting about 75% of the muffin) were picked off the muffin the spud had for breakfast this morning.  When I asked why, which came out something like:

Good merciful heavens child, what’s with all that muffin stuff piled up on your plate?!?

The calm and straight forward answer I got was:

“Well, muffins have crusts.”

“They do?!?”

“Yeah.  The crusts sort of scratch my throat kind of a little bit.”

Mmn.  You don’t say.

January 9, 2012

So here’s where we talk about how great this semester will be, just before we find out that it will be Hell on Earth…

by Janie Jones

Ahh.  Where does one’s free time go?

So, tomorrow Spanish class resumes.  I am both enjoying Spanish and loathing Spanish.  It’s very interesting and an enjoyable challenge, however, it is just soooo much work.  Also, in wake of my first semester triumph of actually succeeding in earning an A, I feel I have a lot to live up to.  I did mean to practice a little each week over the holidays, but let’s face it, that just realistically wasn’t going to happen.

Oh, by the way, did I sufficiently gloat?  Last semester grades are in and I got an A in Concepts in Physics,  Environmental Health, and in my absolutely retarded computer class that I learned nearly nothing in except how to swear extremely colorfully at my laptop.  I guess all that stress was worth something.

Anyway, in addition to Spanish class tomorrow, I have to go sell my first born in exchange for- I mean purchase- books for the rest of my courses which officially start next Tuesday.  On the schedule I’m excited to have Introduction to Astronomy, Biology and Society, and Prehistoric Cultures.  While they may end up being a lot of work, they are topics I’m very interested in, and so I hope will be less drudgery than many of the courses I’ve taken so far that were “requirements.”  There is one more course I have looming this semester, the not so exciting but required course of every drone passing through the hallowed halls of Stickittoyou U, Writing 101; which apparently, according to student reviews, is taught by one very HOT young professor.  Seeing as the name is a traditionally feminine one, and I’m not a barely post pubescent male, I don’t anticipate this impacting my studies this semester one bit.

So, I will likely be very busy yet again.  I hold out hope, however, that this semester will be a more enjoyable challenge as that writing class is the only course that I’m not eagerly awaiting the perusal of the text book.

Here’s crossing the fingers….