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January 7, 2012

I am living in a Sesame Street skit

by Janie Jones

Yesterday I was sitting on a park bench underneath a crabapple tree watching the spud and a fellow small play.  They came tumbling down the slide in a mass of limbs giggling and laughing, landing in a heap on the frozen ground at my feet.  The spud looks up and points over my head.

Spud:  Look!  I see a crabapple.

Other Small:  That’s because it is a crabapple.

Spud:  Hey!  Crabapple is a compound word.

O S:  The word crab plus apple.  You’re right!

Spud:  Let’s go play in the sandbox.  That’s a compound word too you know.

O S:  Yup.  Sand plus box.

And then they ran off to try and chip sand castles in the icy semi frozen sand.