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December 27, 2011

Seasonal Funnies #20

by Janie Jones

And now, for the dumbest New Year’s joke ever….

*drum roll*

At the end of a very festive New Year’s party one of the last guests to leave noticed that the hostess, a dumb blonde, was crying inconsolably as if her best friend had died as he walked up to thank her for the nice party.  Concerned he asked her what was the matter.

“All my friends and family are so heartless and cruel!”  She wailed.  “They are all going to abandon me.”

The man thought this was odd, as the hostess was very well liked and the party had been a great success.

“I can’t believe that!  Everyone seemed very happy tonight and you were the highlight of the party.” He said encouragingly, but to no avail.  The hostess sobbed harder and insisted that they all made it quite clear that no one was going to be seeing her again any time soon.

Shocked, the man asked, “What did they say that made you think such a thing?”

“Oh,”  The hostess wailed, “Every single person tonight has laughed in my face and said, ‘Well, I guess we won’t see you again until next year!”

*cymbals crash*

See.  Told you it was the dumbest New Year’s joke ever.