And the clouds lift

by Janie Jones

I haven’t really had much time for the blogosphere this week, but not for lack of material.  So to sum up my week:

Birthday fun!  As you can tell from my 6WS post much cake was consumed.

All my holiday shopping is done, however, we needs must yet commence to the wrapping and the card sending.

Saw Arthur Christmas yesterday as part of the Spud’s birthday present/revelry.  The whole family enjoyed it.  Probably worth every penny of the $18.75 plus snacks that we paid to see it.  And, for me to admit that is saying something.

I have just 4 more days of school, two of which are finals.   And, I GOT AN A IN SPANISH so I don’t have to sit for the final!!!!  Fiesta!!!!  There’s a couple of smallish assignments yet to complete, but at least the last of the misery inducing, I’d-rather-bathe-in-boiling-radioactive-sewage-than-do-these-assignments homework projects was completed yesterday, so all is good on the school front.

All in all, it was a good week, although we had some pretty rough moments getting here.  What I think makes me happiest right now though is knowing that I can really begin to enjoy what is one of my most favorite times of year.

4 Comments to “And the clouds lift”

  1. Janie! An A! And you were letting on that it was hard 😉 Well done you; now relax for a while

  2. It was hard! I wasn’t joking! I studied my little fanny off. You’d think though, for as hard as I studied, the tests wouldn’t have seemed so hard.

    Thanks for the cheers! I definitely feel cheer-worthy after that accomplishment.

  3. Yippee, senorita, on the A in Spanish! And belated Happy Birthday!

    It’s great that you can relax now for Christmas, you really seem to love it.

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