Six Word Saturday: Let them eat cake!

by Janie Jones

This post has nothing to do with revolutions, unless eating cake for breakfast lunch and dinner for a week constitutes a diet revolution. No, Monday was my birthday, so naturally I had to eat a whole cake. Leif, not being a big sweets eater, and the spud having her own pink birthday cupcakes (her birthday was Thursday) was busily devouring her own birthday treat. And, we simply couldn’t waste it. Nope. That would be ungrateful, and I’m never ungrateful of birthday cake. Although I can’t really share with you all, here’s a virtual piece and my 6 Word Saturday offering:

One bit of birthday cake left!

Six Word Saturday Challenge is courtesy of

Show My Face, Six Word Saturday

 And, for your mouth-watering, taste-bud-teasing enjoyment, here’s a photo of the spud and her birthday cupcake cake:

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