Brownie Points Earned

by Janie Jones

For any of my dear readers who don’t live in subzero winter climates, you may find the following tidbit of info useful in appreciating the point of this post.  When one lives in the Great White North, cars have a tendency to not want to start on a cold frosty morning especially when over night temps were below zero Fahrenheit.  Older cars, such as my lovely red tuna can on wheels, get a bit crankier and like to resist starting even when it’s only just below freezing.  Naturally having a heated garage mitigates this problem.  Or even having any garage, even an unheated garage.  But, seeing as my garage is barely big enough for one car, and has been co-opted as a workshop, our vehicles sit out side all year long, below freezing, subzero or otherwise.

Luckily, science has found a solution to frozen engine syndrome.  A heater is somehow put into the engine of the vehicle and all the owner needs to do is remember to plug the cord which hangs out of the hood of the car into an electrical outlet, preferably about an hour before one wants to use one’s vehicle.  The heater keeps the engine above freezing, and even a rusty old *hit box like mine will start up on the first turn of the key.

Brilliant.  Now all one needs to do is remember to plug in the car.

Now on to the point of this post.  It was 10˚F (which is equal to -12˚C) this morning, so I was pretty sure plugging in the ol’ tuna can was in order.  After walking the spud to school I went to get the extension cord and I noticed it was already strung across the hood of my car.  Leif had been out last night and plugged it in for me.

Awww.  Now isn’t that sweet?  Thank you.

4 Comments to “Brownie Points Earned”

  1. Leif’s a keeper!

    Love the Christmas decor 🙂

  2. It is sweet, good for him.

    I’m feeling sorry for myself here because it’s about five degrees here, so -12 has put me rightly in my place.

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