Update on the results of my anxious waiting

by Janie Jones

If you were waiting on tenterhooks to know if I got into my Classics class, you will perhaps be disappointed to hear that I did not.  Although, Stickittoyou University saves a certain number of seats in that class for “continuing education” students.  If non sign up then those seats re-open to the general student body like the week before term begins.  So, I may get lucky.

*Waggles eyebrows provocatively*

Heh-heh.  She said get lucky.

3 Comments to “Update on the results of my anxious waiting”

  1. Oh, shame! Never mind. Their loss. Can’t you change to a better uni?

  2. This is the closest 4 year university to where I live. There’s no where else I could go without moving. It’s a well respected university though, so I doubt things would be much better elsewhere. Unfortunately no system is perfect.

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