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December 1, 2011

Update on the results of my anxious waiting

by Janie Jones

If you were waiting on tenterhooks to know if I got into my Classics class, you will perhaps be disappointed to hear that I did not.  Although, Stickittoyou University saves a certain number of seats in that class for “continuing education” students.  If non sign up then those seats re-open to the general student body like the week before term begins.  So, I may get lucky.

*Waggles eyebrows provocatively*

Heh-heh.  She said get lucky.

December 1, 2011

When it doesn’t pay to be cheap

by Janie Jones

Leif has a Jeep with 4 wheel drive.  He let’s me borrow it to drive to school when the weather is bad, however, my crappy red tuna can on wheels gets much better gas mileage, and when you drive about 450 miles a week that difference translates to real money boys and girls.  So I tend to be cheap, putting off taking the Jeep unless I absolutely can’t avoid it.

Take yesterday.  It wasn’t actually snowing when I left for school.  However, when I got out of class finally at 5:30pm, it had been snowing for some time and the roads had developed a slick, smooth sheet of ice upon which there was little traction.  Sound bad?  It was.

However, there is more.

The Big City, where in Stickittoyou University is located, is built on a hill.  I have to drive up that hill to get home.  Now imagine, if you will, stop and go bumper to bumper traffic upon which no one, once stopped, can resume forward momentum.  Mmnhmmn.

Well, not exactly no one.  The *ssholes smart enough to take their 4 wheel drive vehicles were slaloming at 10 billion miles per hour around us schmucks in our lame tuna cans on wheels masquerading as fuel efficient economy sedans.

2 hours and 45 minutes after I left campus I arrived home safe and sound but rather vexed.  There was no problem with the roads about 10 miles out of town, however, it took almost as long as it normally takes to drive the full 76 miles home to get that first 10; wherein I’m sure I burned more gas stuck in traffic and literally spinning my wheels than I would have burned driving the Jeep and being able to join the other slalom-ers getting home in my normal amount of time than being cheap and driving my sh&t box tuna can on wheels car.  How about that for a run on sentence!

I love winter.  I just hate being so short on cash I have to live dangerously cheap.