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December 27, 2011

Seasonal Funnies #20

by Janie Jones

And now, for the dumbest New Year’s joke ever….

*drum roll*

At the end of a very festive New Year’s party one of the last guests to leave noticed that the hostess, a dumb blonde, was crying inconsolably as if her best friend had died as he walked up to thank her for the nice party.  Concerned he asked her what was the matter.

“All my friends and family are so heartless and cruel!”  She wailed.  “They are all going to abandon me.”

The man thought this was odd, as the hostess was very well liked and the party had been a great success.

“I can’t believe that!  Everyone seemed very happy tonight and you were the highlight of the party.” He said encouragingly, but to no avail.  The hostess sobbed harder and insisted that they all made it quite clear that no one was going to be seeing her again any time soon.

Shocked, the man asked, “What did they say that made you think such a thing?”

“Oh,”  The hostess wailed, “Every single person tonight has laughed in my face and said, ‘Well, I guess we won’t see you again until next year!”

*cymbals crash*

See.  Told you it was the dumbest New Year’s joke ever.

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

by Janie Jones

There appears to be an appalling lack of activity at Janie’s Place of late.  School is finally out.  Really out.  Finals complete and irritating teachers and course work a thing of the past.  Well for a couple weeks at least.  The spud is off celebrating with her paternal unit and will be out of town until New Years.  Our family Christmas was celebrated last Saturday.  I intended to post photos.  Key word being intended.

Right now I’m basking in the glory of having no responsibilities and no commitments.  And if for a few days that means no blog posts, I’m sure all my dear blog friends will understand.

May your holidays be truly blessed.

Love,  Janie

December 20, 2011

Seasonal Funnies #19

by Janie Jones

What do hermit crabs call St. Nick?

Sandy Claws

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December 14, 2011


by Janie Jones

Well, I’m off to make a hologram for physics class, then my final for what is vaguely a computer design class.  I say vaguely because it’s the first year this class was taught by anyone at our university and there I think is some genuine confusion about what was expected from the curriculum and how best to present their confusing agenda.

Igk.  So I just don’t have my heart in it.  I studied not very well at all, being not very motivated at all.  Wish me luck.

December 13, 2011

Seasonal Funnies #18

by Janie Jones

What do they call Santa’s helpers?

Subordinate Clauses.

What do they call the mental health insurance for Santa’s employees?

The Sanity Clause.

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December 12, 2011

Getting Crafty

by Janie Jones

Some of you liked my 6WS post wherein I posted about the sunglasses tote I made from plastic grocery store bags.  It was way easy, but if you are interested in making plastic bag crafts like mine, you’ll need to be able to knit, crochet or finger weave.

You may not realize I have another blog about practical crafts, frugality and gardening.  Sadly I’m too busy to do much with it on a regular basis, but I have high hopes to use it more in the future…  Anyway, I posted the directions there as it goes well with the theme there.  If you are interested here’s the link:

The Cold, Dark Side of Practicality, Getting Crafty with Plastic Bags

December 11, 2011

And the clouds lift

by Janie Jones

I haven’t really had much time for the blogosphere this week, but not for lack of material.  So to sum up my week:

Birthday fun!  As you can tell from my 6WS post much cake was consumed.

All my holiday shopping is done, however, we needs must yet commence to the wrapping and the card sending.

Saw Arthur Christmas yesterday as part of the Spud’s birthday present/revelry.  The whole family enjoyed it.  Probably worth every penny of the $18.75 plus snacks that we paid to see it.  And, for me to admit that is saying something.

I have just 4 more days of school, two of which are finals.   And, I GOT AN A IN SPANISH so I don’t have to sit for the final!!!!  Fiesta!!!!  There’s a couple of smallish assignments yet to complete, but at least the last of the misery inducing, I’d-rather-bathe-in-boiling-radioactive-sewage-than-do-these-assignments homework projects was completed yesterday, so all is good on the school front.

All in all, it was a good week, although we had some pretty rough moments getting here.  What I think makes me happiest right now though is knowing that I can really begin to enjoy what is one of my most favorite times of year.