Six Word Saturday: Thanksgiving happiness lingers

by Janie Jones

Happiness is leftover pie for breakfast.

And for lunch.  And for dinner.  And for a late night snack while watching movies.  Hey, there’s only two of us (the spud, who must truly be an alien says pie is “Yucky!”) and a huge 9″ pie which must be eaten before it goes bad.  I mean, it would not only be a waste to throw away stale old pie, it is a crime.

Oh, and it must be served ala mode with Breyer’s Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. MUST I tell you.

Homemade apple-cranberry pie was on this year’s Thanksgiving dessert menu.  It was divine.  Was I tell you because it’s gone now.  I meant to take a photo of it, but it was too delicious and I scarfed it up before I remembered to get out the camera.  And of course we had pumpkin pie, but I’m not a huge fan of the pumpkin so I just buy those store made, however, I do make homemade whipped cream to top it with.  Still, this year I tried an organic pumpkin pie from the Co-Op that I baked at home, so it was semi-homemade.  It wasn’t bad, but I’ll leave the pumpkin for Leif.

Hope you are enjoying your leftovers!

Six Word Saturday Challenge is courtesy of Show My Face, Six Word Saturday

11 Comments to “Six Word Saturday: Thanksgiving happiness lingers”

  1. Ooh pass me a piece of pie please,it sounds delish!
    I have had such fun over the years with advent calendars & YES sometimes they have been sneakily eaten!

  2. The apple-cranberry pie sounds gorgeous, and so does the ice-cream. Enjoy them both.

  3. I agree, pie is blissful and that Apple Cranberry sounds totally yummy!

  4. I agree with you no pie shall be wasted in my house either! If it’s too old give it to the cat’s or if it’s really old give it to the raccoon’s and opossums. : )

  5. I personally love leftovers, thankfully, as I’m a single guy.
    The freezer is my best friend, otherwise, the garbage can would get it all…
    But the reason I like leftovers is that savors have time to fully develop,
    bringing the dish to its full potential.
    On a sidenote,
    I might be tempted to sprinkle lightly some maple syrup, (the real kind…), over the pumpkin pie.
    Just an idea…

  6. Great. I have my 1st five minutes of not thinking about pie, & then I click here, read this. Thanks a bunch.

  7. Sounds delicious!! And of course you can’t let it go bad, so I agree, eat, eat, eat until it is gone (and I too also agree with the ice cream on top of it!). Just stopped by from 6WS; hope your Sunday is a good one.


  8. I used to love my Mum’s cold apple pie for breakfast.

  9. I’ll take a piece of that pie and give you a piece of my apple crumb pie. I still have a few slices left from Thanksgiving. It was so, so good! Visiting from 6WS. Oh, and I had pie for breakfast today as well!

  10. I like the way you think… Thanks for playing 6WS!

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