Happy Monday

by Janie Jones

I’m already dreaming of our Thanksgiving dinner.  Thanksgiving, I think, is my favorite holiday.  Although Christmas is a very close contender.

We always have turkey with homemade stuffing (absolutely no Stove Top!) and a vat o gravy.  I’m not kidding, if gravy doesn’t fill a 4 cup Pyrex measuring bowl I’m booed out of the dining room.  We also have mashed spuds (the tuberous root vegetable, not small children), corn, cranberry sauce, and apple pie.  Other items such as squash, parsnips and carrots, dinner rolls, pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie, cornbread, broccoli and rice casserole, green beans (in a variety of ways, my favorite is with cranberries and butter sauce, but creamed with fried onions is popular too), and though I’m not a fan, occasionally sweet potatoes.

The only problem is, there’s just 3 of us.  We can’t eat all our favorites, and I have to make some decisions about what we’re going to have so I can do my shopping tomorrow.  It all sounds so good!  How to decide?

So, dear readers, what’s your favorite or family traditional foods for Thanksgiving?

2 Comments to “Happy Monday”

  1. I don’t have one, because we don’t have Thanksgiving over here.

    And I’ve always felt sorry about that, it’s a lovely idea.

    (Your meal sounds gorgeous, by the way).

  2. What he said.

    I’m with you on the gravy: if our plates are not swimming in it, there’s a riot.

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