At last!

by Janie Jones

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, THE DREADED ASSIGNMENT is at last finished, a full 21 hours before it’s due.  I’m sure new evil awaits me for next week, but for now I can unclench my shoulder blades and do something fun with out guilt.

Thanks for all the kind words of support from all my 6WS friends and blog friend regulars.


4 Comments to “At last!”

  1. Hooray!! Now take a hot bath and a glass of something delicious and RELAX.

  2. Hurrah! Finished… but what’s with the early stuff? You just showing off?

  3. The early stuff? No I’m not showing off, not really. I’m celebrating. I’m really not a procrastinator, I hate waiting to the last minute to do assignments. This was a testament to how much I loathed the assignment that I didn’t even start it until halfway through Saturday and then didn’t finish and let it drag on until Sunday. Man was I cranky! Believe me, I was tempted to put it off some more, but I think the family would have mutinied if they had to listen to me whine about it any more. Much better to get it done and then enjoy the feeling of having time to spare and being able to relax.

    Now showing off would be describing the lovely bubble bath, the rum punch, the scented candles and the decadent truffles I enjoyed as my victory celebration. Showing off would be gloating about how many class mates were still agonizing over the assignment this morning. But I’m not that kind of gal…. ;P

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