Six Word Saturday: whining, just a bit

by Janie Jones

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in 6WS.  Mostly because I’ve been overwhelmed with homework.  So, perhaps you can guess the six words I’m submitting:


I don’t wanna do my homework.

Well, I suppose that’s nothing really new, but I absolutely loathe this assignment that is due on Monday.  Loathe it like with the passion of a thousand white hot fiery suns.  If I could pass the class and not do just this one assignment I would, but it’s a huge portion of my grade.  I’d rather give birth again that do this one assignment.  Sigh.  But if I wasn’t procrastinating and dragging my feet I’d be done by now and not have to worry about it anymore, so I suppose I should just put on my big girl panties and get on with it.

Happy Saturday.  Hope yours isn’t tainted by the misery of a horrible homework assignment.

Six Word Saturday Challenge is courtesy of Show My Face, Six Word Saturday

7 Comments to “Six Word Saturday: whining, just a bit”

  1. I never have to do homework again. I hear my coworkers fretting over this alot. I’m so glad it’s over.

  2. I hope by now the assignment is pretty much complete and you can enjoy the rest of your weekend! At least the assignment wasn’t due after a holiday weekend, right? I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!


  3. Don’t forget to take some breaks. A good cup of coffee and a few moments of mindless staring always helps.

  4. It sounds like perhaps a ‘research paper’ is coming due. 🙂 They always made me nervous but I had such a good and thorough English teacher that I really didn’t dread writing them. Rather, I liked doing them because I learned new things. Too late for this one but I would tell you my process if you’d like. My students who hadn’t learned to do research papers seemed to like the way I showed also.

    One hint, check with an encyclopedia or Wikipedia to get the lay of the land and an idea of how to find a narrow looking aspect on your topic to explore further.
    Then, my teacher said, make note cards for every source I would use on which I would put what I might use on the paper and a very documented, bibliography style, source.
    Before I got very far I would make an outline of my paper. Intro, body, and close.
    I would organize my cards to fit my outline. Except for this first teacher I didn’t use note cards. Instead I used a dedicated tablet with the note card material referenced to my outline. Obviously I didn’t arrange the pages but used an index system.
    Then type up a rough draft to see how things looked and where I might be weak.
    Next, polish up the draft into a fairly decent paper. Edit, spell check, and PROOF READ. It was in the proof reading that so many of my students missed out

  5. Best wishes, Janie, with whatever your project is. Once it is done you cant talk about it with the other students and all can do the “poor me’s”. I hope your 6WS was Happy! 🙂

  6. Rather give birth again, well that is a strong statement that really gets the point across!!! Hope it all gets done soon and you can get a breather. 🙂

  7. I hope you’ve completed it by now! Nice to see you back for 6WS!

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