One mystery solved

by Janie Jones

This morning I’m checking my email and reading blogs.  The spud comes in my room and stands staring at me a while.

Me:  Yes.  May I help you?

Spud:  I know where your blue cup is.

Me:  The one that’s been missing all these weeks?  The one I kept asking if you knew where it was?

Spud:  Yeah.

Me:  Well.  Where is it?

Spud:  In my toy box.

Me:  You don’t say.  Will you go get it for me.

Spud:  Sure.

*Skips off to her room*

Spud producing the very missing cup proudly:  See!

Me:  Ah.  Yup.  That’s my missing cup.  What was it doing in your toy box?


Me:  How’d it get there?


Me:  Why didn’t you tell me it was there all the other times I was looking for it and asked if you’d seen it?


Me: *sighs*  Well, have you seen the other one just like it that’s also missing?

*Nods vigorously*

Me:  Well, where is that one?

Spud:  In my toy box.

Me:  Well, why don’t you go get it?

Spud:  Okay.

Sure enough, she appears with the second missing cup.  What I don’t get is why now all of the sudden they appear.  What I also don’t understand is that she’s normally the kind of kid you can’t shut up, now this morning she’s the queen of monosyllabic sentences.

Well, at least that’s one mystery solved.


2 Comments to “One mystery solved”

  1. Kids! At least you’ll never run out of blog material 🙂

  2. I’m thinking a hug is in order. There’s a conscience being sharpened and it needs the fine honing of love.

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