Cute and sassy

by Janie Jones

One of the odd things about passing into middle age and returning to college is associating with people young enough to be your children.

Earlier in the year a young lady in my class told me that I totally rock gray hair and if her hair turned gray like mine she’d never color it either.

Yesterday, another sweet young lady, who happens to be one of my T.A.’s admired my new hat, then went on to say that she also wished she was brave enough to wear a “cute and sassy” haircut like mine and how she just loved my hair.

Perhaps I’m starting a new trend, go gray, go cute, go short and sassy.

Or maybe they’re just saying these things because they don’t know what else to say to the lady old enough to be their mother.

Eh.  Either way it feels good to get an unsolicited compliment.


3 Comments to “Cute and sassy”

  1. Definitely! Take those compliments and run with them.

    A recent favorite compliment came from a young friend admiring a dress I was wearing – it was one I had stored away until I lost enough weight to wear it again after my middle-aged pregnancy. It was more than 10 years old, but looked great and had always been one of my favorites. She told me approvingly that it looked “cool and retro.” Just the thing one wants to hear about something purchased when one was already rather solidly into adulthood.

  2. At least they’re not being mean.

  3. Still, the first unsolicited senior discount is a surprise and causes a few minutes of introspection.

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