Flashback Friday eerily like the present

by Janie Jones

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Wash Me Please….

I guess I need to dust my mirror…

Wednesday Leif cleaned the mirrors in my bedroom.  He wanted to use my full length mirror, but all three were coated in dust.  Apparently they have been since at least July of 2009.

Dusting is my Achilles Heel.  Normally when I’m not having a nervous breakdown underneath the crippling mountain of homework I am a very neat, tidy person.  However, I’ll mop, vacuum, steam clean carpets, clean stoves and refrigerators, sanitize bathrooms and organize like a fiend but I won’t dust unless the world is coming to an end or relatives are coming to visit.

Our new mission:  to train the spud to dust.  She thinks it’s fun.  She gets to dance around waving the Swiffer Duster like it’s a fairy wand.  Awesome.

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