The hurrier I go the behinder I get

by Janie Jones

I used to have a button with that phrase on it.  I wish I knew what happened to it; it could now be my mantra.  If I was about 15 years older I’d swear I was already going senile.  I used to have a mind like a steel trap.  The key word there being “used.”  I had people ask me where the put things.  People I was friends with, but didn’t live with, would call me up.  “Janie,” they’d say, “Do you know where I left my ‘X’?”  And, I’d know.  I even had friends who’d leave important things with me because they knew I’d keep them somewhere “findable” for when they’d need them in the future.

Now, once it leaves my hand it’s like there’s some black hole event horizon sucking it into some inescapable alternate reality where objects are never seen or heard from again.

You may recall I lost my manicure scissors sometime back.  Still MIA.

I have also lost this year two tin cups, my outdoor power strip for holiday lights, our fire poker, and my sanity.

Now the sanity was a bit touch and go for a while now, but a fire poker?!?  How does one misplace a fire poker?  And, the tin cups have vanished one after the other.  I swear there’s some house elves gone bad playing some evil joke on me.

Well, at least I didn’t lose time this weekend.  I got what I’d been praying for.  One more hour.  Ahhh.  Bliss.  I used it to sleep.


3 Comments to “The hurrier I go the behinder I get”

  1. It’s not forgetfullness; it’s distraction. Your busy mind is constantly working on a new task before a current task is complete. Typical processes, such as setting something down, happen before the process is complete in the usual manner. Otherwise, you’re in a mental hurry and things are misplaced, not forgotten.

  2. Jess makes a good point. Also, these are small things, replaceable. Don’t worry about them. The Borrowers probably have them.

  3. If you’re asking the Borrowers about them can you ask do they have my front-door key, I had it this morning…

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