Flashback Friday Revisited, in which I post a chirp about lame and irrelevant subject matter, impose upon your better judgement and shamelessly link to other blogs….

by Janie Jones

Last Friday we flashed back to January 23rd, 2009.  Wow.  That’s like a totally really long time ago.  Totally.  Really.

Sorry, apparently I’m channeling a Valley Girl today.  Now that takes us waaaaay back.

Anyway, I digress.

So, I have reviewed all the brilliance bloggers world wide had to offer (Thank you Tilly Bud; see the comments of last Friday’s post) and determined that I either have a horrible lame sense of humor and just posted a Chirp (thanks Jess, at Scratching to Escape) or my hit counter is an inveterate liar and no one actually reads my blog these days.  Now, while I can understand the lack of readers, content quality has degraded along with my brain since Fall Semester of Doom 2011 began, I find it hard to imagine the hit counter is a cold hardened liar.  There fore, I must conclude I have missed the boat on comedic plays here.

However, since I re-incarnated this monster I intend on staking it, decapitating it and burning it to death before re-burying it for the rest of eternity.  I decided I couldn’t throw this out there without giving my own input, so after languishing over it while showering, driving 9 hours round trip to and from campus and lying awake at nights exhausted but wired (or perhaps I should say weird), I came up with the following.  And, I must give credit where credit is due; my suggestion to the challenge was helped along by Tinman’s post, For No One, Aug 8, 2011:

It’s amazing how hard it is to get enthusiastic about writing when you know that nobody is going to read it. We all tell ourselves that we write our blogs just for ourselves and to some extent that is true. …

I have to say that I now admire those girls who write their thoughts daily in those little pink diaries with the big locks on the front, determined that absolutely no-one will ever them, at least until after they have died romantically of a broken heart.

Even if all they are writing is “David from across the road smiled at me today” they’re still doing a better job that I was able to do last week.

And, yes, it took me about 20 minutes of reading old posts to find this quote.  But I figure it was 20 minutes well spent, and if you read Tinman at Worth Doing Badly you will surely understand why.

Anyway, his words popped into my head the other day and I came up with:

A diary is generally a pink thing, with hearts drawn on the outside with little arrows piercing through them that say “I Love David.  4-Ever!!!”  Maybe “I Love David” is crossed out and replaced by “I Love Chad” or “I love Skyler.”  The diary is safeguarded by a lock so flimsy it’s basically there for decoration, but never the less is dutifully locked after every entry to protect the adolescent dreams of the Ashley’s, Sara’s and Emma’s from the 12-16 age set who declare “I will just Die if anyone ever reads this!”

A blog on the other hand, is generally an invisible thing, viewed via a black or grey box (unless one is channeling their inner Apple in which case it may be a rainbow of colors).  The box is often the source of much irritation, angst and hatred, and yet is worshipped for the access it provides to the forum where the less perky age set of 16+ pour out their innermost thoughts and feelings declaring, “I will just Die if no one reads this!”

Hmn.  I have lost my perspective and can no longer judge if I think this is funny.  It seemed funny at oh five twenty in the morning when I was trying to wake up.  Now by the full light of day I’m not so sure.

The other entry was, as mentioned, offered by Tilly Bud at the Laughing Housewife.   Here’s a recap:

Not funny, I’m afraid:

In one, you let your friends read your writing and in the other you write about your friends.

Told you it wasn’t funny. I’ll think some more.

Thanks, Tilly, for playing along.  And don’t worry.  Mine wasn’t funny either.  Although, perhaps more pathetic as I meant it to be.  What do all y’all think?

I would create a poll but Poll-Daddy irritates me.  That, and I really need to get on with my physics homework.  And my graphics design homework.  And, my environmental health homework.  And, everyone’s perennial favorite, my Spanish homework, which incidentally, this chapter is kicking my butt.

So, use the comments and vote in my lame poll:

1.  Janie, you posted a chirp, take the hint and let it die gracefully.

2.  Janie, we’re way too busy to care.

3.  Janie, we love you but this poll is a lame as the challenge was boring.

4.  Janie, the concept was so brilliant we were swept away and completely dumbstruck.

Okay, I shuts up now.

Happy Friday.


4 Comments to “Flashback Friday Revisited, in which I post a chirp about lame and irrelevant subject matter, impose upon your better judgement and shamelessly link to other blogs….”

  1. 4, of course.
    I’m loving ‘a chirp’ 🙂

  2. Well, a blog is a diary they probably can’t use against you in a court of law. After all, you can deny you wrote any of it, or claim you were hallucinating or say it wasn’t in your handwriting so how did they know is WAS you.

  3. That means mine was a chirp as well, so I’ll have to go with 1.

  4. I’m going for 4 – I really couldn’t think of a punchline in the challenge.

    Oh, and for the first half of 3.

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