Six Word Saturday Template: Grocery Day

by Janie Jones

Jones family marathon grocery shopping today.

At the very least the next 4 hours of my Saturday will be devoted to coupon clipping, store hopping and checkbook hemorrhaging.  In my neighborhood of the Great White North our food store selections are even more limited than our budget, so we make sure we get the best prices possible by watching for sales and store hopping for the best deals.  When something goes on sale, we buy in bulk.  Bulk, baby, bulk.  See, canned fruit, veg and soup is on sale at one store this week for half price.  We’ll be buying at least a dozen cans of each.  When that’s done there’s the unpacking of the shopping sacks, the amazing feat of shelf and ice box stuffing, and finally collapsing to our reward for good behavior:  fried chicken (which happens to be on special with a coupon).

May your Six Word Saturday be bountiful.

Six Word Saturday Challenge is courtesy of Show My Face, Six Word Saturday


13 Comments to “Six Word Saturday Template: Grocery Day”

  1. Hope you find lots of bulky bargains! Love your “What’s on Janie’s Mind?” today! My dog Tidbit does too!

  2. I remember the marathon shopping days, when all the kids were home, and I’m glad they are in the past!

    My 6WS: What If?

    • Ah, yes. It is way more pleasant to shop sans spud, however, since there’s no one who’ll baby sit for free she has to tag along. By the end of the marathon we’re begging other shoppers to take her and we’ll throw in a free cart of groceries. What is it about being 6 that you feel it necessary to dance in the aisles and ask 12 times in 20 minutes for a doughnut?

  3. Adorable blog….love your muscles. 🙂

    This is visitor 2,522. 🙂 First time visiting.

    Stopping by from SIX WORD SATURDAY!!

    Stop by my blog if you are hungry….I have a post about Saturday food today. 🙂


    • Elizabeth, congratulations on being visitor 2,522! Thanks for visiting my blog, we absolutely love food here in the Jones household… I’ll have to swing by your place and check things out!

  4. Good for you for shopping like this!! Takes a lot of patience to go look for bargains like this, clip coupons, comparison shop etc. We started doing this (but not for a 4-hour adventure) a few months ago when our life circumstances changed and we had to budget more. It is worth it and it does pay off but it can be a bit tiring too!

    visiting from 6WS; hope Sunday is a restful one!


    • It is a challenge to make ends meet these days on a shoe-string budget, but there is a sense of satisfaction in seeing your grocery receipt show you “saved” $90 with coupons. It’s also satisfying to know that now I don’t _have_ to go shopping again for at least a month if I don’t want to. So, one exhausting day a month does sort of seem worth it compared to 3 or 4.

  5. It takes money to save money. Weird, isn’t it?

    • *smirk* It is weird. We are lucky though, the handful of places that sell food in our town are all within 5 miles of each other, so we don’t have to really spend extra in gas. Just our time. And as long as we are strong enough not to be seduced by sales on things we really won’t use, nothing ends up going to waste.

  6. I bet you have to stock-up for those winters too don’t you? Just in case? Sadly, I shop like a teenager left with their mom’s checkbook for the weekend.

    • Haha! Never shop hungry with mom’s checkbook or your own. That’s when you get home and realize you wound up with nothing but a gross of Keebler Coconut Dreams, pizza rolls and Old Dutch Parmesan and Garlic potato chips.

      And, yes, it is always good to have enough on hand to last you a week or two in the event of a tremendous blizzard. Though tremendous blizzards are not that bizarre up here, it still can take a while for the plows to physically move 48 inches of snow from several hundred miles of roads, alleys and highways.

  7. Hope your shopping was successful! Thanks for playing 6WS!

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