Flashback Friday: In search of a punchline challenge

by Janie Jones

I have this disco song that has been careening about in what passes for my brain the last couple of days.

I think the band was Imagination, and the song is appropriately titled Flashback.

Flashback!  To the days when the nights were young.

Flashback!  We could do no wrong.

Hmn.  Today is Flashback Friday.  Coincidence?

Yeah.  Probably.


Friday, January 23, 2009
Wanted: A Punch Line
A friend of mine recently texted me saying she’d been reading my blog and, OMG, enjoying it!!! Who’d have thought?

Thanks. I’m touched. Really. There’s a dirty joke in there, sure, but if you are reading into it then shame on you. Seriously, I love hearing that there are people out there who read my blog and don’t think I’m a lunatic.

Anyway, back to my point. I do have one, most of the time. She then texted me the following:

Anita: What’s the difference between a blog and a diary?

The whole text. Sounded like a good punchline was in the offing.

Me: Is this a joke? I don’t know, what’s the difference between and blog and a diary?

Anita: No joke. Just wondering.

Hey, I feel gypped now. I need a punchline to tear my mind from the thought. Something dirty, or lame or some kind of ending to this story!!!

So, I sense a challenge people….

Sadly, that was back in the day when I could count the number of people reading my blog on one hand, and apparently my readers were dull, boring people and no one rose to the challenge.  I’ve so moved beyond that.  I got 47 hits on August 22, 2011, a mind boggling high for Janie’s Place.

I know for a fact I have a much wittier and obliging level of blog friends now -Yay for me!!- and perhaps after 2 and a half years this feeling of being left in the lurch can be put to rest by your amazing literary and comedic talents.  The challenge is set.  Perhaps we can even have a prize for the best offering.

Happy Friday!

One Comment to “Flashback Friday: In search of a punchline challenge”

  1. Not funny, I’m afraid:

    In one, you let your friends read your writing and in the other you write about your friends.

    Told you it wasn’t funny. I’ll think some more.

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