Flashback Friday: A little dose of PMA

by Janie Jones

Reading my old blog shows an ugly side of me and a very ugly time of my life. However, this little gem is a testament to the spirit that pulled me through the worst of times and helped me get my life back on track.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Have I Mentioned How Much I Love My Job?

I have a pretty cool job. Although at times it can be a little, well, gross, at least it is the kind of job that I can go to and not feel resentful that it is taking time away from my life. It is something I can feel good about doing.

For those of you who don’t know, I work for a home health company and I go to homes of seniors and handicapped people and help them with tasks of daily living and provide companionship.

Sometimes I have to clean houses or do laundry, which can be the gross part, but sometimes I just sit and visit with a lonely old person. Last night I got called in to sub for a co-worker who was sick. I actually got paid to sit with a very pleasant elderly gentleman and watch Dancing with the Stars and the news. It was oddly pleasant and relaxing after a tough couple of days at home with the spud.

Occasionally we forget that we have a lot to offer the world, and by getting out helping others we in the end are helping ourselves.

I miss having a job. I miss earning money. I miss feeling good about myself.

School has been kicking my ass these last few weeks. I find I have not been my usual self; a tired, depressed, frustrated and cranky person bearing an unflattering resemblance to a Janie I thought I’d left behind. But this too will pass.

Happy Friday, friends!


2 Comments to “Flashback Friday: A little dose of PMA”

  1. Keep feeling good about yourself. What you’re doing is difficult, and you will feel tired and cranky, but as you say, it will pass.

    And someone who keeps coming up with those Halloween jokes can’t be all bad 🙂

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