The world is a curious place, my friends, full of mayhem, malarkey and coincidence.

by Janie Jones

I definitely should not be blogging. For all the usual reasons these days, homework, homework and more homework. Oh, and I almost got killed three times this morning. Surely that’s a sign that I should skip homework, right?

Anyway, I had a new visitor to my blog today, (Yeay! Hi Tinkerbelle!) who apparently appreciates my stupid Halloween jokes. This factoid becomes important a bit later….

So I’m cruising along this morning to Spanish class. BTW, I finally figured out how to make accents and tildes in the proper places in text! Hurray me. So, now I can properly type, ¡Hola! Buenos días, ¿qué pasa? with all my upside-down punctuation and accents. After all we wouldn’t want to get my tu-s mixed up with my tú-s, crepe confused for crepé, or sábana with sabana. I mean, you wouldn’t eat tissue paper or see a lion in your bedsheets, now would you?

Hmn, where was I?

Ah, cruising along this morning on my way to Spanish class. I had to swerve quickly to avoid not one, not two, but three potentially nasty accidents where persons of dubious driving acumen pulled out in front of me. I happened to be moving along at 75mph in a red car on a four lane divided highway, and these imbeciles somehow overlooked me and pulled out, from a stop, directly into my lane and did not accelerate as if their life depended on it. Good gravy people, I have a wonky eye and I saw you coming from a mile away! I have a red car. It may be a P.O.S. but it’s still red! The first incident I watched thinking, “Surely this ‘tard is going to accelerate, surely. Jimminey Christmas, Captain Kidd, he’s not accelerating!” *Honk horn!* *Honk horn again* “Good gravy!” *SWERVE* *Tires squeal* “Breathe! Janie, breathe!”

By the time the 3rd incident transpired I was a hardened woman. Honk! HONK! HOOOOONNNNKKK! Swerve! “Get your ass outta my way dipsh*t! Where’d you people get your licenses? Cracker Jack boxes!” Obscene gesture.

Apparently, I missed getting the memo that today was almost-get-killed-on-your-way-to-Spanish-class day. I know because when I got home I checked my in box… Nope, no memo.

But as I drove home I was thinking of how I could use this for some blog fodder even though it’s kinda scary and perhaps not really funny at all and I really shouldn’t blog I should get started straight away on doing homework. But we all love stupid driver stories, right? As long as we don’t actually get into the accidents anyway. So, imagine my surprise when I decide to check out Tinkerbelle and see what’s going on in her blogdom first and find she posted about assessing one’s driving skills. Hmn. Curious and curiousier.

Coincidence? Yeah probably.

So, now I must banish myself again to the ol’ homework grind.


4 Comments to “The world is a curious place, my friends, full of mayhem, malarkey and coincidence.”

  1. Curiouser and curiouser still … I wrote yesterday about my own bad-tempered driving, and today’s post has Tinkerbell the fairy in it.

    Co-incidence??? Er, well, probably.

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