First Grader Fashion 9-1-1 (This post makes up for no post yesterday)

by Janie Jones

Now that I’ve finished my Spanish test and apparently got only a 69% on the auto graded section (let’s hope I get full marks on the essay or I’m screwed). I will console myself with a little R&R blogging before I have to tackle my other courses.

The spud, being 6, and having absolutely no concept of fashion sense, insisted yesterday on going to school in short pants (which was fine, it was a beautiful day). However, she offset this sensible clothing choice by wearing black dress socks pulled up to the knees with her mary-jane-esque-gym-shoe-hybrid shoes which look vaguely like these but are pale grey, pale purple and pale blue with gym shoe style racing stripes on the side. Cute shoes, just not intended to be worn with denim shorts, knee high black dress socks, and a Sponge Bob tee shirt.

I cringed as she headed out the door, but was not up to a fight, and a small part of me hoped that she’d be teased enough at school that we’d never have to have the fashion police shake down at 7:30 am again. Apparently however, she suffered not for her fashion faux pas, for this morning she appeared again in short pants, a turquoise polo with a matching zipper hoodie, and the same shoes with, I kid you not, chenille flecked red and white slipper socks with snow men decals on the ankle.

I will not sport with your sensibilities by attempting to transcribe the conversation which ensued. Suffice it to say, she had a groggy morning and was already running late, I told her to remove said socks, they would be to hot, make her shoes too tight, look retarded, etc. To which she replied blithely, “Anthony will love these socks.” So, I said, “Whatever! Fine! Let’s go!” and out the door we went, me wincing every time I looked her direction.


4 Comments to “First Grader Fashion 9-1-1 (This post makes up for no post yesterday)”

  1. I went through similar phases in grade school. Mom called it my clown phase. She maintains I was in that phase all through high school too. To be fair, it was the 70s, we all dressed clowny then.
    Since I’ve aged, I notice I dress more and more like a goth nun crossed with an Amish farmer.
    I have no explanation.

  2. It doesn’t matter what lovely clothes you buy them- they’ll always choose the garish, ugly thing they persuaded Granny to get when you were out that day. uugh. So much easier before they get opinions 🙂

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